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  Acting with Crowe 'like dancing'
Actors Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe talk about coming head-to-head in the movie 'American Gangster.'

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Comedy flashback
In this clip, Steve Carell does sketch comedy with Jenna Jolovitz at Second City in 1993.

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  Internal Affairs
An attractive nurse, Sherri Rasmussen, is murdered in her own home in 1986. There are few clues, except one: a bite mark containing saliva found on Sherri's arm. But it's of little use because DNA testing is not yet available.

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Mank blog

Did Paris really learn her lesson? Why do we care?

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'Dead' man recovering after ATV accident
Doctors said he was dead, and a transplant team was ready to take his organs -- until a young man came back to life.

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