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Fired up!  
  Ed: 'John Boehner didn't get the memo'
Ed Schultz offers a preview of Monday's show, including the Democrats not budging on the tax fight, and mediation for Hostess. Let's get to work!

Ed's playbook  
  Do or die strategy in South Carolina
If Republicans are going to take down Mitt Romney, they better have their A game, and Newt Gingrich is leading the charge.

Psycho talk   
  Air Force Week comes to New York City
Air Force Secretary Michael Donley joins Morning Joe to help kick off New York City's Air Force Week, cuts to defense spending and why drone pilots have been a "great success" for the Air Force.

Rapid Response   
  The birther movement stays alive
Rapid: An Ed Show panel talks about the top political stories of the day, including Rep. Eric Cantor’s refusal to denounce birther talk.

  About the show
Veteran talk radio host Ed Schultz hosts 'The Ed Show' from 5 p.m. EST to 6 p.m. ET, Mondays through Thursday which features edgy debates and discussions about issues affecting all Americans.
  'Killer Politics'
Image: Ed Schultz book
Hyperion Books

In his book, "Killer Politics,"  msnbc's Ed Schultz explains the factors essential to keeping America great.

Club Ed  
  Dublin Dr. Pepper shutdown
After a long legal fight, the world's oldest Dr. Pepper bottler won't be making their own formulation of the drink anymore. KXAS's Kevin Cokely reports.

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