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Using video, images and panoramas, multimedia journalists and freelancers report from around the world.

Image: 20-year-old Queennie Lucio stands among the wreckage from Typhoon Haiyan near her home in Estancia, Philippines.
NBC News

Experience one family's daily challenges in post-typhoon Philippines

  Just days ago, she had the usual concerns of being 20 -- college studies and Facebook. After Typhoon Haiyan, Queennie Lucio focuses on helping her family find enough food, water, and maybe even hope, among the rubble.
A driving tour through typhoon-destroyed Estancia

  In the small town of Estancia, 90 percent of the homes were destroyed by Typhoon Haiyan.

Then and Now: Panaramic views of Breezy Point

See what has changed a year after the area was devastated by Superstorm Sandy

for NBC News
Parents try to build school tornado shelters

  After a tornado killed their children in their school, grieving Oklahoma parents try to build twister-proof shelters in schools

for NBC News
Finding hope in hard times

  As millions of Americans visit food pantries in a tough economic climate, some find reasons to stay positive.

My name is Filda Adoch
Agence Vu
One woman's tale of survival

  Despite losing her leg, her son and two husbands to violence in Uganda, Filda Adoch meets each day with a resilient outlook.

Children of rape are latest legacy of Haiti quake

Social breakdown fuels sexual violence and its aftermath in disaster-ravaged tent cities

Living without lights

  Over a billion people in the developing world live without electricity. View a case in point: northern Ghana.

Via Panam, migration in the America's
Migration in
the Americas

  A photographer's journey from Chile to Alaska explores both the expected and unexpected patterns of human migration in the Americas.

Kuni Takahashi
Japan's tsunami survivors

Photojournalist Kuni Takahashi returned to his native Japan following the devastating earthquake and tsunami to talk to the survivors.

Image: Iraqi voices
Panos Pictures
Iraqi voices

Iraqis describe life in their country after eight years after the US invasion

Image: Retired FDNY firefighter John Gates looks out from the Ladder three firehouse.
Pride in his heart, dust in his lungs

  A New York firefighter's life was changed forever by the toxic cloud at Ground Zero. Ten years later, he works to figure out a new path forward.

Remains of the day

Relatives of victims of 9/11 recount how they honored their dead with relics from the attacks.

John Makely /
A panoramic image of the National Sept. 11 Memorial

View a panoramic image of the National Sept. 11 Memorial.

US hosts give Japanese break from radiation zone

  Fukushima families stay with hosts Oregon

Fishing for debris

  With the fishing industry in ruins after Japan's tsunami, a third generation Minamisanriku fisherman Takumi Oyama is using his boat to pull debris out of the ocean instead of fish.
Tour a shelter

  An unemployed tofu maker gives us a tour of the shelter in Miyako, Japan, where he and his wife have been living since their home and business were destroyed by the tsunami.

Raising their child, for the second time

  Two parents help their daughter re-learn how to live, from walking to talking, after she suffered a traumatic brain injury in a car accident.

Growing up with Williams

  Teens and young adults describe living with Williams syndrome, known for its serious medical challenges, but also extreme socialness.

Image: Anna Fowlkes
Contracting HIV in your 50s

  Anna Fowlkes contracted HIV from a man she had a relationship with in her 50s. Now 64, she's found purpose doing HIV and AIDS education for other seniors.

Image: Image:
Faces of the rodeo: The cowboys

  Get to know some of the top competitors in rodeo, and find out what they love about their sport.

Faces of the Tea Party – In their own words

  Click to view pictures and read why some citizens are looking for another political answer.
Faces of foreclosure

  It’s a national problem that can be told from thousands of towns, including Elkhart, Ind.

Image: Ducarmel and Schneily Similen
Journey for a leg

  Schneily Similien, 4, lost his left leg during Haiti's Jan. 12 earthquake, but he has a chance at a prosthetic limb after his parents travel to a remote hospital.

First steps

  Finally, the long wait is over for Schneily Similien, the 4-year-old earthquake amputee who tried on his new prosthetic leg for the first time.
Walking, but nowhere to go

  Dozens of amputees left destroyed homes for Hopital Albert Schweitzer in rural Haiti, but as their stay draws to an end, many have nowhere to go.

Image: Image:
NBC News
The National September 11 Memorial at dusk

View a 360 degree panoramic image of the National September 11 Memorial

Image: Sketers enjoy the Ice Rink at Rockefeller Center
360 view of Rockefeller Center

The Ice Skating Rink at Rockefeller Center celebrates its 75 year as one of the most visited attraction in New York City.
Times Square at night

View an interactive 3-D image of Times Square at night.