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Video: Mixed messages from Iran over nuke program

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    >> the uniteded nations are in tehran pushing for talks with iranian officials. this as the u.s. and britain urge israel not to attack iran . nbc's stephanie gosk is in tel aviv , israel , with more. good morning, stephanie.

    >> reporter: good morning. mixed messages keep coming out of tehran. you have the iaea resuming discussions about iran's nuclear program but at the same time the government said it will ban all oil exports to france and britain. this is a preemptive strike after europe's decision to ban imports from iran starting july 1. there is new pressure put on the israeli government not to attack iran 's nuclear facilities . you had the joint chief of staff martin dempsey telling cnn over the weekend it would not be prudent and it would destabilize the region and you had the british foreign minister saying sanctions and political, diplomatic pressure have to be given a chance to work. today on the ground in israel tom donaldan will be meeting with the defense minister . he's just the latest u.s. official on the ground here having high level talks about iran . tamron?

    >> thank you very much.


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